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- How do my customers signup for DSL?

Manually: You can manually place DSL orders through the DSL management interface we will setup for you.

Automated HTML Code for yoru website: We will also supply you with a simple piece of HTML code that you can put on your website for customers to place DSL orders. Check out for an example of this code (this is a test website we built). This order form will automatically work with the prices you set to offer the customers your exact custom tailored DSL plans. The customers can then go to your website and fill in their 10 digit local telephone number that is currently being serviced as a local telephone line directly by our current carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Covad or Bell Canada covered territory) and their correct physical address associated with the 10 digit telephone number they provided. It will guide the user through the process of signing up.

Programming API: We have developed a DSL API that you can use to program against for DSL prequalifications, ordering, and many other features. If you are interested in using the API to build our system into your own system and databases then please email or call 1866-422-8890 and our sales staff wil lbe happy to help you.

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If you have any further questions, please email us to or cal l our sales staff at 1866-422-8890 and either Jared, Vance or Adrian will get back to you with more info. We would love to show you how it works and answer questions.

Your friends at Dialup USA