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General Questions

- What do I do if no DSL service is available?

If no DSL service is available then you can always attempt to have the user signup for the dialup access that we have supplied for years. We are trying to expand our DSL coverage footprint in the future to add the Bellsouth, and Bell Canada areas however no eta is currently available for these areas. It is imperative that the user enter a correct 10 digit landline telephone number that is currently with AT&T, Verizon or in a Covad area in order to qualify for service.

Our API's are hooked right up to AT&T, Verizon and Covad's systems so the DSL qualification process should be prettyaccurate. Unfortunately, due to many conditions we cannot always determine if DSL is immediately available and more testing may need to be done to determine this. Factors that cause this include...

  • Newly installed telephone lines
  • A customer being right on the "edge" of coverage
  • The telephone number and address not matching the LEC's records, must be a direct LEC customer.
  • The fact that nothing is 100% accurate when dealing with telco's
  • other various reasons

Wholesale DSL F.A.Q's After Sign-Up

What domains should I add to my spam-filter so communication from your company don not get blocked?
Please "whitelist" the following email domains:

Would it be possible for us to use our own domain instead of in the customer's username?
We were not able to register each Partner's domain with each ILEC like we wanted to (not only would it be very difficult to manage, but also very expensive). Instead we made the decision to use a realm that was as generic as we could find in order to make our services available to the most number of Partners while making it as economical as possible for them.

In what areas am I able to offer DSL services?
Each of the Networks in the "Subscriptions" section has a Coverage Area link that lists which LATAs each network covers. This map is a rough geographical representation of where each LATA is physically located. - Click here to view the LATA Map

How can I determine which LATA a customer's DSL phone number is in and who the underlying-Telco is for that number?
Use this CallingGuide, type the Customer's Area-Code in the "NPA" box, and their Prefix in the "NXX" box, then click search. This tool is helpful in finding the underlying-Telco provider of a given telephone number, as well as the LATA it is in. - Click here to view the CallingGuide

How do I delete a Subscription in the BOE?
A: Set the Deactivate Date to today's date. What happens after I've reviewed the order in the BackOfficeEngine?
A: Once you've reviewed the order in the BOE the order is automatically submitted to the ILEC for final prequalification and provisioning. After about 24-48 hrs the order should be either:
  • Populated with an "Activation Date" and changed to "Completed" Status, or.
  • Rejected by the ILEC and put into an Error Status. When this happens you should receive an email notification from "" sent to the OrderNotification Contact listed in the Administrative Contacts section of your BOE. (Please be sure "" is white-listed in your spam-filter.)

Once an order goes to Completed status the circuit should go live anytime after the Activation Date (usu. 5-7 Business Days). If after performing standard Tier-1 troubleshooting steps found in the Support section of your BOE there still appears to be a problem with the circuit please follow normal Tier-2 Escalation steps.

How do I cancel a customer after the circuit is live?
A: You'll need to go to the Customers page of your BackOfficeEngine (BOE), click on the link for the subscriber you want to cancel and then click on the "Account Status" drop-down menu, select "Inactive". This will create a new order in the Orders section of your BOE. It will have "Cancel" as the Type of Order. This cancel order will be much like a New order, but in reverse. We submit the Cancel order to the Telco, they usually respond within about 24-48 hrs with a Disconnect date. The Disconnect date is the date on which the Telco will terminate the subscriber's circuit and the date which we cease billing you for that customer.

How do I suspend a customer after the circuit is live?
A: You'll need to go to the Customers page of your BackOfficeEngine (BOE), click on the link for the subscriber you want to suspend and then click on the "Account Status" drop-down menu, select "Suspended". This will interrupt the ability of the end-user to authenticate with their PPPoE username/password, but will not terminate their current DSL session. Once the end-user power-cycles their DSL modem, or remains inactive for more than 4-hours their existing PPPoE session should be terminated and they should no longer be able to authenticate. Once an end-user's account is unsuspended they should be able to log back on within 20-30 minutes. **Please note - you will still be billed for any "suspended" customers.**

When a Partner orders a circuit on a phone line with DSL already setup w/ the ILEC, will the existing DSL circuit be automatically cancelled?
During the online Order Process the user will be asked "Do you currently have DSL Service at 555-555-555?" If they answer Yes, then they are asked Who is your Current Internet Provider? They must choose something from the drop-down menu OTHER than None or Your Company Name, if they do then they will be given two options:

Option#1: Yes, please Cancel my Existing DSL for me.
Option#2: No, I will cancel the DSL myself (this may delay your activation date).

If they choose Option#1 we will cancel their existing DSL circuit for them, which will reduce possible down-time.

How do I migrate an existing Dry Loop DSL circuit on Verizon over to your Platform?
The fake 10 digit telephone number must be entered into the order form when you first place the order. The subscriber can find the fake 10 digit number on their bill from Verizon or they can call Verizon customer service to request it.

During the online Order Process the user must choose "I currently have service with another Provider" then they are given two options:

Option#1: Yes, please Cancel my Existing DSL for me.
Option#2: No, I will cancel the DSL myself (this may delay your activation date).

If they choose Option #1 we will cancel their existing DSL circuit for them, which will reduce possible down-time.

How do I convert a standard DSL customer to Dry-Loop DSL on the Verizon network?
A: First, when a subscriber wants to change from regular DSL to dry-loop DSL service you must make sure the subscriber calls the Verizon business office and tells them the following before you place the CHANGE Order in your BackOfficeEngine:

  • They need to add a "Records Only. change order on their account... The remark must state exactly: "VOICE DISCONNECT AUTHORIZATION RECEIVED FRM name date (ex: STEVE White 09/26/2009)". If the Verizon rep has done their job correctly they will give the customer a CHANGE ORDER # starting with a C followed by 7 numbers. The customer needs to relay the CHANGE ORDER # to you.
  • Once that is done.................the request should update overnight in their tables.
  • We should be able to place the conversion request within 24-48 hrs after this is updated
  • After we submit the conversion order it will suppress the voice dial tone automatically (will cancel the dial tone).
*Note: When the business office is contacted--have the customer get the name and Verizon ID of the representative they speak with, and they should NOT tell them they want to disconnect the voice or phone service.

B: Second, once the end-user has had Verizon add the "Records Only. change order to their voice account you will need to log into the BOE and go to the details page for the existing customer. Next to their "DSL Phone Number" will be a link to "Convert to Dry DSL". Click on that link and follow the instructions to submit a "CHANGE" order for that customer. Please then add the "Records Onl" change order number, the Verizon rep's name and ID to the Internal Ordering Notes of the order you just created in our system.

Are there any extra fees associated with changing an end-user.s DSL speed, will they experience down-time?
No, there are no fees currently associated with upgrading or downgrading an end-user.s DSL circuit, however that may be subject to change at any time. Whenever you make a change to a DSL line there is the potential for downtime depending on what the Telco needs to do to effect the change.

How is End-User Support Handled?
You, the Partner, are expected to have a competent understanding of DSL and DSL technologies and to provide any required Tier-1 DSL Support to your end-users. Tier-1 Support (defined as all End-User contact, including Billing and Technical Support) is provided by you. IKANO does not provide direct support to your customers. To assist you and your support staff with these steps we've provided a Support link in your BackOfficeEngine outlining normal Tier-1 support procedures, we've also provided access to recent Radius Authentication data, as well as line performance data (for AT&T circuits only).

In the event of a DSL network-related issue, after all normal Tier-1 troubleshooting steps have been followed, you should contact IKANO for Tier-2 support. Tier-2 support should be requested using the following steps:

  • Always submit a Trouble-Ticket, this helps our Technicians/Engineers track the issue and make sure the issue gets resolved.
  • You can view the status of these Trouble Tickets by going to: Support -> Utilities -> Ticket Manager
  • Call our Tier-2 Escalation Line: 888-420-3914 (**Please Note: No End-Users should ever call this number! ) When calling Tier-2 Support, please have the number of the Trouble Ticket ready.
My Customers cannot send mail when connected to their DSL line, what do I do?
Verizon blocks Port-25 which can result in your end-user not being able to send mail. There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Setup a virtual-mailserver to receive email on Port-587 and have your DSL customer set their mail-client to send on that same port. Relevant Link: RFC 2476 (section 3.1)
  • Configure a CNAME Record in your domain's DNS (such as and point it to our mail server, Then have your end-user configure their mail client to send mail on Port-25 using the new server name (
*Note: Only end-users connected to our Wholesale DSL Network will be able to send using this server name. SMTP-Authentication is not required.

Where can I download 3rd-Party PPPoE Client Software for my Win98, Win2000, & Linux customers?
An example of some 3rd-Party PPPoE clients would be:

  • Win98 & Win2000 -
  • Linux -
The Contract mentions a 12-month circuit term, does this apply to all the Networks?
Currently only Qwest imposes a $100.00 Early Termination Fee for any circuit cancelled within the first 12-months. IKANO no longer offers Qwest DSL to Wholesale Partners.

When will you begin billing me for a subscriber, when will you stop billing me for a subscriber?
When setting up a new DSL account, from the time you prequalify the number and place the Order for new service to the time the Telco approves the order and assigns an Activation Date, it usually takes about 24-48hrs. It can take the Telco approx. 3-5 business days, after the Activation Date has been assigned, to complete the new circuit build and activate the DSL service. The Telco bases the new order Activation Date on (among other things) when they'll have the resources available to complete the circuit build. The Telco doesn't start billing IKANO, and we do not begin billing you, for the services until the Activation Date - when the circuit is active, not the first day the subscriber authenticates.

Likewise, it usually takes 24-48hrs for us to process a Cancel Order and get a Deactivation Date back from the Telco. The Telco assigns the Deactivation Date based on when they have the resources available to tear-down the DSL circuit. The Telco doesn.t stop billing IKANO, and we do not stop billing you, for the services until the Deactivation Date - the date the circuit goes "dark", not the last day the subscriber authenticates.

I ordered a modem from you that turned out to be faulty. How can I return it and get a replacement unit (RMA)?
The units come with a 90 day warranty. To get a replacement unit you will need to provide us with the serial number for the unit that is faulty. To do this, please email your PlatID# (Whsle Acct #) along with the modem serial number to We will verify that the unit has been shipped within 90 days. Once verified please ship the unit back to us with some form of tracking. We recommend UPS. Please email the tracking number for the shipment to and we will have a replacement unit sent out to you. You will need to return the modem and power supply.

Please ship the unit to:

RMA: Account Number
20847 Sherman Way, Suite 100
Winnetka, CA 91306

If you have a Covad DSL modem that needs to be returned, Click here for the Covad Modem Return Info

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If you have any further questions, please email us to or call our sales staff at 1888-460-2286 and either Jared, Eric, Vance or Adrian will get back to you with more info. Please be patient (leave voicemails if necessary) as we expect high demand and interest in the product. We will get back to you ASAP and will show you how it works and answer questions.

Your friends at Dialup USA