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- What is the price? Click below and check out the last 2 pages of the contract?

Click here to download the contract and prices - .doc format - fax it back to 1866-627-8808 when you are ready to roll

- What is the initial setup fee and recurring fees?

It is a one time $200 setup fee to join our Wholesale DSL Service. There is a yearly renewal fee of $200 per year if you wish to remain in our program. It should only take 4 DSL users with you making $5 profit each per month to cover the cost of this renewal fee. Of course we hope that you have WAY MORE than 4 DSL users a year from now.

- Are there any minimum commitments?

Our Wholesale DSL contract contains a no minimum policy and we do not require that you have a set number of DSL subscribers on the system. We supply DSL service to both large and small DSL resellers.

- Do I get a discount for bulk orders?

Lets Talk! There is currently no bulk order pricing available, although if you got a big enough order we can talk. We do run promos from time to time. The prices you see are the prices that we have to offer. In the future we hope to use our large volume of DSL subscribers to further negotiate our contrac ts with AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest to get lower pricing.

- Can I set my own DSL pricing and packages?

Of course you can! You can set pricing packages for monthly, yearly, with or without DSL modems ... the customization is up to you. We have a very simple "subscriptions" section in the management interface where you can set your own pricing for all of the DSL services and speeds that are offered.

- How can I compete with lower DSL prices than what I can offer?

We've found ISP's to be successful because most ISP's with good customer service can make up for the extra couple bucks in price. Customer loyalty to your brand, email, portal and such will drive them to purchase service from you. Many times this easily makes up for the $5 more in price that you have to charge to remain profitable.

DSL providers have constantly offered promo prices to get you in the door and then raise rates after the initial 3, 6 or 12 month period to a rate where they make money. In test scenarios upwards of 80% of customers will agree to the increased rates after the promo period is over.

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If you have any further questions, please email us to or call our sales staff at 1866-422-8890 and either Jared, Vance or Adrian will get back to you with more info. Please be patient (leave voicemails if necessary) as we expect high demand and interest in the product. We will get back to you ASAP and will show you how it works and answer questions.

Your friends at Dialup USA